WTF Coin: Another Hyped Project Tainting the Crypto Industry Black

WTF Coin: Another Hyped Project Tainting the Crypto Industry Black

WTF Coin is a Binance Smart Chain token that trended when a pitch invader in the 2020 Euro Belgium vs Finland match was wearing a vest advertising cryptocurrency

In this article, I will explain the power of media and the role of hype in the cryptocurrency industry

The main scope WTF coin project is quite wavy and does have a well-known road map or Tokenomics, according to the medium page of the project, they claim to be building an island for the community members to escape the coronavirus pandemic apocalypse

With a total supply of 1 quadrillion of WTF coins, this alone is a red flag! it seems the only thing that brought it  the limelight was the scantily cladded lady who tried stopping the Euro 2020 games

The WTF has proven to be a scam after the initial hype and attention it garnered in 2020, today the coin is no way to be found. This again is proof that cryptocurrency goes beyond just hype and hysteria.  Any crypto project without a use case, a professional team with knowledge and experience in the cryptocurrency industry will not stand the test of time.

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The crypto market’s volatility makes it a high-risk industry which is why there’s a call to always understand the market and most importantly understand the project, aside from technical and fundamental analysis. If you are going to invest in any project like WTF coin, you should know the project very well. Follow the project’s track record, follow the team’s track record don’t follow hype or Twitter trends, anybody with enough money and marketing savvy can generate trends for a project without any future or use case.

The WTF Coin has buttressed one key point, hype rises and falls but any project with a real use case will stand the test of time even if they use a scantily clad lady to stop the Eurogames without an idea, it will still fade away.

In conclusion, we should be wary of individuals who see the cryptocurrency industry as their milk cow and are jumping in to cash out, they are the real problem of the cryptocurrency industry, they are casting aspersion on the industry and making it hard to attract investors and key players to the market.

Kindly note, that this article should not be construed as an investment guide, every information contained is for educational purposes. You must know that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and you are at risk of losing your funds, as always do your research and seek the help of an investment advisor.

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