Royal Q Trading Bot Review: Legit or Scam?

Royal Q review Blocktanic

The royal Q bot is gradually gaining acceptance among cryptocurrency traders and is building an endearing reputation for itself. However, just like any other online trading bot, they are difficulties in using it, especially for new traders.

In this review as always, we try our possible best to give an honest and professional review with fairness and zero bias.

A cryptocurrency trading bot is an automated trading robot that helps in you trading strategy and making better trading judgment by following a set of the rule already configured by the user thereby helping you in executing your order

Trading bots help in reducing the risks and giving an edge over manual traders. These trading bots automatically execute orders based on your configured strategy

The Royal Q cryptocurrency trading bot is an AI-based crypto Bot that helps users to trade and sell at a profit when you make a lifetime payment of 100USDT and a 20 USDT for a gas transaction fee(whatever that means) a total of 120USDT

By design, Royal Q automates trading on your behalf to make a profit, They do so by gathering market data, interpret it, calculate the potential market risk, and execute buying or selling crypto assets on your behalf.

The Royal Q has a mobile app that is available in both Android and IOS,  the Royal Q API is authorized to bind with Binance exchange as a third party user and can also be unbound at any time, all profits are deposited in your account, and do not need to be transferred out.

The royals Q Bots boast of using mathematically tried strategies to trade over human sentimental judgments.

There are two structured means of making money from Royal Q, buying paying for the robot and trading cryptocurrencies, or by referrals.

Features of Royal Q

  1. It’s an AI-enabled platform that can make a better judgment by following a certain set market trend.
  2. It can trade round the clock
  3. It makes trading easy if you have background knowledge of cryptocurrency


Is Royal Q A Scam?

Royal Q doesn’t look like a scam; no one has reported them to be a scam apart from the money you pay for registration they don’t ask for any additional money.

However, they have a multi-level marketing strategy in place for referral which rewards people for inviting people to join the platform.

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The main point most people fail to understand is trading bots also make use of laid out human models to trade, you don’t just bind the bot to your account it starts acting on its own, you have to set instructions and if you don’t know basic crypto trading your judgment will still be wrong you might lose your money.

To use the Royal Q bot you have to have some knowledge about trading and how the cryptocurrency market works else you will be making a bad judgment and constantly losing your money, I feel no trading bot will make a better judgment when it comes to trading like an expert who understands technical and fundamental analysis.

In conclusion, if you want to use the Royal Q trading bot  or any other trading bot, I advise you to do that with a little caution and you should know how to manage your risks due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. No bot can stop a bear market.


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