Cowrywise Vs Piggyvest In 2022

cowrywise vs piggyvest which one os better for you in 2022

Investment is taking an impressive new dimension. Our aim with this article; Cowrywise vs Piggyvest in 2022 is to introduce and dissect an array of investment platforms, analyze market forces and realities also vigorously and excitingly reveal to you investment tides and trends.

We welcome you to the dawn of limitless opportunity that drags with it the promise to simplify investment technicalities such that when you invest, you do so armed with the right information and knowledge.

Here we provide information that helps you monitor risks. Today, we’ll review two very important investments/savings platforms namely piggyvest and Cowrywise. Excitingly, the popularity of these two brands is as great as their potentials to give financial returns across financial markets helping new and experienced investors reach their goals. When it comes to investment and savings, the question of whether or not you will achieve your financial goals largely depends on the platform you choose. As promised earlier, we will be reviewing two important platforms—Cowrywise Vs Piggyvest which is better for you in 2022. The piece promises to solve the frequently asked question of which is best and safer.


Cowrywise has over 30 mutual funds available which are regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). You automatically become an investor when you purchase units from over 30 mutual funds. Mutual Funds are a mix of diverse types of assets, so investing in one Mutual Fund often means you’re investing in many assets at once. Mutual Funds are excellent for first-time and retail investors in general. 

 Due to the security of investments on this platform, you can take the advantage to make both short and long-term investments. Your investments on this platform are accessible depending on the options you choose. One good thing is, you don’t need a debit card to activate your Cowrywise account. Just use STASH (your safe-in-app wallet); an in-app funding option for your savings and investment plans. Once set up, it provides you with an account number and you can make transfers to it from any Nigerian bank. You can transfer money in your Stash to any of your savings/investment plans. Once set up, it provides you with an account number and you can make transfers to it from any Nigerian bank seamlessly. You can transfer money in your Stash to:

  • any of your savings/investment plans.
  • anotherCowrywise user for free.
  • your Nigerian bank accounts with a NGN25 charge.

 Additionally, the platform offers multiple savings plans or options conceived with the investor’s lifestyle needs in mind such as rent, wedding, and vacation. Currently, the savings options on Cowrywise include:

Notable Features of Cowrywise

Life Goals

These are savings plans intended for varying financial commitments. They are locked and inaccessible for at least one year. Under this option, you are saved from the stress of wondering what long-term goals to save towards which is one of the many advantages of using COWRYWISE. The features are structured to accommodate your everyday life needs and options have already been provided for you in most cases. Under Life Goals, you can choose from Home, Family, Business, Vacation, Education, and Retirement. Cowrywise is veritable for building wealth.

Emergency Plan

Life is full of unforeseen circumstances and that is the main thrust of this savings option or plan.  With this feature, you are saving for emergency outcomes. Also, you’re ensuring you’re financially covered if anything ever happens unexpectedly. Unlike the Regular savings plans with a timeline of at least 3 months, you can remove cash from here anytime. You just need to be true to yourself that you’re withdrawing from an emergency. The emergency Plans on Cowrywise earn returns derived from safe financial instruments.

Regular Savings:

Regular Saving are structured for a minimum of 3 months but the good thing is a user can open multiple Regular Savings Plans which can be used for rent, car, and so on.  Regular Savings help you imbibe discipline which helps you accomplish your financial goals. On the cowrywise app you can’t access your savings earlier than the maturity date.

Saving circle

Savings Circle is one special feature only available on Cowrywise. This feature currently has three variants under it.


 for saving with friends and family in a fun and motivational way.


perfect for your private investment clubs.

Money Duo 

for just two people, this is perfect for lovers setting long-term financial goals together. 

Halal Saving:

Halal Savings are for the Muslim faithful who want to save with no interests. Everyone’s faith is respected and there’s an option for you to choose from, regardless of your beliefs.


This platform is regulated in multiple jurisdictions around the world and incredibly offers full segregation of funds for retail clients. Wherever you are in the network and capacity to hold your funds with top tier banks fully segregated from assets of the firm. Currently, the available savings options on Piggyvest include:

Notable Features of Piggyvest

Piggy Bank

With Piggybank feature, you can save daily, weekly or monthly. With this feature, you can turn on automated savings and can top up whenever you want. When you put money here, Piggyvest picks an automated withdrawal date for you. However, you’re allowed to break this plan whenever you want and a small percentage of what you withdraw will be debited. 

Flex Naira

Flex Naira is another excellent feature on the Piggy Platform.This is relatively more flexible, just as the name implies. You can keep cash there without the set withdrawal date and you’ll not be debited when you make a withdrawal as there’s no strict withdrawal date set.

Flex Dollar

Flex Dollar feature allows you to keep your cash in dollars.

Safe Lock

Safe lock is an impenetrable feature. That is, you choose your withdrawal date yourself, and once done, it is locked and nothing can unlock the padlock until maturity.

Targets: Targets is the feature created to help you target different savings goals.


Cowrywise and Piggyvest have a lot of unique features but below we highlight some glaring ones which we believe provide timely answers to some FAQs.

  • Cowrywise has the largest collection of Mutual Funds in Nigeria, and all the funds are registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) while Piggyvest is regulated in multiple jurisdictions around the world and incredibly offers full segregation of funds for retail clients.
  • A striking difference between the regular savings plans on Cowrywise and that of Piggyvest is that Cowrywise was built to help you stay disciplined when you save in that you can’t access the investment until maturity while Piggyvest is flexible.
  • Cowrywise arguably has the highest level of investment license in Nigeria
  • According to sources, “Cowrywise is the first fintech company in Nigeria with an SEC license in the fund/portfolio management category. If we were to compare, it will be “the CBN” for investments. The SEC regulates the operations of investment companies, just as the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulates banks. As an investor, the SEC ensures your funds are safe”.
  • Piggyvest is incredible for daily savings. Investments and savings here are tight and secure with even very small investment capital in the minimum of 5k. Cowrywise, gives you an array of investment options accessible anytime anywhere.

Conclusively, these two platforms are great and safe for anybody seeking to effectively save or invest. However, our job is to supply you with the information with which you do your assessment. So, from the conservative, moderate, and down to the aggressive investor, we feed you with information that reinforces your investment choice. Tell us what you think about the

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