Crypto Guide: How To Buy Bitcoin as an underage 2021

buy bitcoin as a minor 2021

According to recent surveys, Millennial and underage teenagers are positive about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large, they contribute to over 65% of bitcoin users. According to yahoo. finance, Millennials are a major source driving the cryptocurrency economy.

However, bitcoin has democratized money placing a no age restriction for using the cryptocurrency, if you love it, you can use it.

Crypto Exchanges on the other hand are stating you must be over 18 to be able to use their platforms to buy or sell as a KYC requirement and that is a limitation for most underage who would want to use their platforms.

Exchanges are placing this limitation on underage buying bitcoin to avoid problems from government institutions like SEC and the rest.

 here are a few ways to buy bitcoin as an underage.

  1. Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card on Remitano

You can also buy bitcoin using gift cards on remitano, if you don’t have an account on remitano account click here to use my referral link

On Remitano, you can use your Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, and many, many more to make your bitcoin purchase.

With this method, you can simply buy gift cards with your cash and trade them for bitcoin effortlessly and these can be done without any restrictions on age. You can also try Paxful.

  1. Bitcoin ATM

Using Bitcoin ATM as a minor to buy bitcoin is another way to avoid the underage regulations as they are not age limit to using this method, it is safe and requires no meetup and no verifications whatsoever.

However, verification is required when you are buying above a certain amount, but the threshold is higher than a minor will need.  If you are in Nigeria you can use your Bitcoin ATM here.

  1. Bitcoin OTC (Over the counter)

You can use the over the counter method to buy bitcoin as an underage, it doesn’t require any age limit to use this method.

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  1. Local Bitcoin

Local bitcoin is a bitcoin peer 2 peer marketplace; here you can buy bitcoin with Altcoin or cash as a minor. However,  It is advisable to use this platform with the supervision of an adult so nobody takes advantage of you.

  1. Bitcoin Community Groups

They are a trusted bitcoin community on Facebook and Twitter where you can buy bitcoin as an underage with zero hassle.  It is also advised you deal with trusted individuals to avoid losing your money as they are fraudulent people everywhere trying to advantage of people especially Minors and underage.

In Conclusion

They are risks associated with buying bitcoin as a minor, it is recommended you do your research before buying from individuals and bitcoin community groups.

Do you recommend that exchanges allow underage minors to buy bitcoin from theirs? Let us know what you think in the comment section




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