Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms 2022

Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms

Over the last couple of years, Cryptocurrency has grown bigger and even bigger by the day. Hence, attracting much more people as the day go by. I don’t think People who took Bitcoin for granted few years ago when it was still very much affordable might want to repeat the same mistake.

For so many persons, the issue is not getting to believe in Cryptocurrency and her potentials, it is now how to go about it the right way and not get scammed. For some others who are interested in trading, there’s might be to minimise losses and maximise profit. But whatever your interest might be, one of the factors that cuts across everyone is the need to make Bitcoin investments on the safest platform possible to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Just like Cryptocurrency has grown exponentially over the past years, many Bitcoin investment platforms have also emerged. Some with enough security to guarantee the safety of her users money; some with less security and probable for hacking. But of course, this is the problem I wish to address here in this article.

Are you a beginner who’s looking into the Bitcoin trading system, or professional looking for a different platform to use but confused and cautious about the platform you can use? If you want to know where and which investment platform to trust with your money, then I present you with a few tested and trusted platforms you should check out today!

Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms


Coinbase is a US based Bitcoin exchange and investment platform that prides in having the best security for her users. Coinbase is one of the Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms.

Reports have it that Coinbase has never been hacked – now this is something to reckon with. Thus, we can say that Coinbase seeks to bridge the gap between investors and their security concerns.

And guess what, that’s not all. This amazing investment platform is also celebrated for having one of the best easy-to-use interfaces. You don’t need to be a graduate of Harvard before you can use Coinbase. Coinbase also offer competitive rates for her users.

On Coinbase happens to be listed as the second. It is widely recognised as one of the top and largest Cryptocurrency exchanges and investment platforms in the world. For instance, Coinbase just recently recorded over 100 currencies in her asset directory in September 2021.

To even erase your fears the more, Coinbase happens to be a US regulated company that guarantees speed and ease. If perhaps you happen to reside in the U.S., for foreign accounts with over $10,000, you wouldn’t be required to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account.

Looking for a legit platform where you could judiciously trade your digital currencies? Look no further because you’ve found one platform that’ll serve you right – I am talking about Coinbase. Here, you can freely trade with no worries. For instance your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are all examples of digital assets you can trade and convert into other cryptocurrencies from your base currency. What’s more, you can also trade these coins without an initial conversion.

Are you concerned about being able to conduct large transactions and not having issue to bother you? Do you wish to work with an investment platform that has a lot of liquidity to subsidize trading costs, and minimize wide trading? Again, Coinbase has come to the rescue.  Statistics has revealed that Coinbase has exchanged over 150b worth of Cryptocurrencies, and has also garnered a whooping amount of users of over 35million people – can you beat that?

Before I wrap it up on this trading platform and move to my next recommendation, I would love to highlight one more thing. Coinbase also provides a digital wallet where users can store their digital crypto asset. This storage facility is safety guaranteed, and equipped with even biometric technology to enhance stronger security.


When we talk about Bitcoin investment platforms that allows for effective crypto trading, we would be wrong not to mention Binance. Again, Binance can be found in the U.S., and all around the world. In the U.S., it supports over 50 coins. However, Binance emerged from Malta – China in 2017, launched its U.S operation in September 2019, and can be located in San Francisco. Facts have it that Binance is the largest trading and crypto investment platform in the world, with the highest volume of weekly visits to the platform and trading volumes.

If you talk about the three major services crypto investment platforms are meant to offer, then you must consider Binance. With Binance, you can be guaranteed the ability to buy; trade and store your crypto digital assets, and not worry about safety of your coins or investments. With Binance, you can get the dual option of basic and advance trading options. With volume-based fee structure, Binance also offers institutional trading opportunities to her users.

I would also love to point out to you that you can access Binace from two platforms: either as a U.S resident – Binance.US., or from anywhere else – While Binace U.S support over 50 crypto currencies, boasts of over 350 cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, with Binance you can also get to enjoy Crypto Loan offers, Stock tokens, Margin trading, Derivatives, Liquidity swaps, Debit card, staking, and so much more.

The Trust Wallet technology of Binance, supports about 40 blockchains and over 160,000 digital crypto assets. Guess what, you can have these assets controlled from your mobile device. The storage platform also allows for movement and transfer of asset from wallets to any other cryptocurrency digital wallet you might prefer per time.

Before we draw the curtain to a close on this one, it is also worthy to note that the charges and fees required to trade on the Binance platform is incredibly low as compared to some other exchange and investment platforms. As a matter of fact, you are guaranteed a 25% discount on trading when you trade the native token of Binance itself – BNB


One of major challenge people face on crypto investment platforms is haven to put up with the cumbersome complexities that lie with manoeuvring your way through. For beginners, it’s almost as though you would require a special master class just to understand how to operate the platform and learn the user interface of some of these exchange platforms – this is where Voyager comes in handy.

With the mobile app of Voyager, you can enjoy a simplified crypto trading experience, consisting of a single trading platform and more or less collects zero fees for commissions. If you have assets on Voyager, you also get to enjoy competitive interests pay to you.

Why should I trust Voyager? You might want to ask. This first thing I want you to take home is that Voyager is a U.S., regulated crypto broker, offering mouth watering interest payments for users. Stephen Ehrlich happens to be the man behind Voyager. He founded the company in 2017, in New York City.

Not everyone knows this, but Voyager is primary not an exchange platform in itself. However it appears to be one, as it corporate with other exchange platforms to bring you premium services. Over time, Voyager has improved to support over 50 coins on its platform; leveraging on her offer of high interest payment on select coins, and zero commission fees for trading.

Just like other investment platforms, you can store your crypto assets in your Voyager wallet. Rewards and interest can only be earned when your assets are stored in your Voyager wallet, and not on your external wallets.


With eToro, you can get to do more than just trade cryptocurrencies. Stocks, commodities, cryptocureencies and lots more, are all tradable on the platform. Copy-trading is also supported on the eToro investment platform. If you are beginner, you are allowed the privilege of copying the trades of other top traders.

As a social trading platform, you can choose to trade and invest your cryptocurrencies, or just learn trading strategies. Hence, if your interest is knowledge or investment proper, then you can rest easy with eToro.

When using eToro, you are offered two types of investment portfolios. You can either choose the ‘top trader portfolio’ or the ‘market portfolio.’ With the Top Trader portfolio, you are liable to copy the portfolio management strategies of traders with best results on the platform. Secondly, you can choose the Market Portfolio, which combines multiple investments for you to enjoy.

Frequent rebalancing is the strategy this platform uses to manage and control the portfolios. Therefore, for those of us that believe that it is not always best to lay all our eggs in one basket, eToro portfolio investment offer becomes a healthy way to channel your investments into multiple streams, hence diversifying your investments.


Like I have earlier said towards the beginning of this article Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms , the popularity of Crypto in recent times has made the list of investment platforms out there almost innumerable. However, it is always wiser to try and separate the wheat from the chaff – this is part of what I have done for you.

You should also however note that this list is not exhaustive. This is to say that there are also other Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms you can find out there. However, to begin your 2022 on a safe side, I would recommend you begin your investments with the platforms I suggested earlier.

Kindly note that this article Most Trusted Bitcoin Investment Platforms is not a financial advise and should not be used as a tool for financial decision, everything contained here is strictly for information purposes.

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