Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What’s The Difference?

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What's The Difference?

The crypto world is complex, and investors are confused by the differing opinions on Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash. When you hear something new about cryptocurrencies, your first instinct might be to research it online for yourself. Here’s a quick guide with answers to all of your questions so that next time someone asks you what bitcoin vs. bitcoin cash means or which one should they invest in, you’re prepared!

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash Overview

Bitcoin is a digital asset that has been in existence since 2009. Bitcoin is traded on exchanges and can also be used to purchase goods and services.

Bitcoin Cash emerged as a hard fork from the Bitcoin blockchain in 2017. BTC miners that held 85% of the computing power met on May 23, 2017, to chalk out the path for the SegWit2x upgrade, which was aimed at helping Bitcoin scale by segregating data outside of BTC’s block size to 8MB.

The proposal divided the BTC community into those who supported a larger block size to keep increasing transaction fees under check and opposers who expressed concerns regarding the difficulty in hosting a full node and centralization.

On August 1, 2017, those in favor of a larger block size forked the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash. BCH’s maximum block size was subsequently increased four times to 32MB in 2018, though the actual block size is much smaller.

BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is a cryptocurrency as well as a payment network. It was developed in December 2017 as a result of a hard fork with bitcoin to increase the number of transactions that could be processed. Bitcoin Cash was developed by bitcoin miners and developers concerned about the future of the cryptocurrency and its ability to scale.

Bitcoin Cash has the same features and functions as Bitcoin but with some modifications to improve efficiency and scaling. Bitcoins can be exchanged for BCH at various exchanges. There are a number of online wallets that allow you to hold BCH.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: The difference between BTC and BCH

Although BTC and BCH are similar in some cases, there are still some notable differences between them two. the main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is that Bitcoin’s transaction processing time constraint has created schisms among the bitcoin mining and development groups. Bitcoin Cash was founded by bitcoin miners and developers worried about the bitcoin cryptocurrency’s future and scalability. While bitcoin blocks are restricted to 1 megabyte in size, BCH blocks may be up to 32 megabytes in size.

Here are some other comparisons between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) you should look into.

Difficulty adjustment

The Difficulty adjustment algorithm ensures blocks are generated at a stable rate every 10 minutes. The main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the difficulty adjustment algorithm that was added to BCH. Because both networks use the same SHA-256 hashing scheme, miners can move to the Bitcoin Cash network when it becomes more profitable for them to mine on it.

Block size differences

Bitcoin Cash has a larger block size than Bitcoin. The increase in the block size has led to an increase in the number of transactions that can be processed per second.

Smart contracts and decentralized finance

Bitcoin does not support smart contracts. Work is being done to help build decentralized finance (DeFi) services on top of it. Cashscript aims to bring DeFi to Bitcoin Cash to help it compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum ( ETH ).

Token issuance

Token issuance on top of the Bitcoin blockchain requires the use of the Omni layer. The Omni layer has mainly been used for stablecoins, but it is being adapted to support tokens.

Token issuance on top of the Bitcoin blockchain has been lackluster, but it is being supported by both SLP and Omni protocols. The SLP protocol supports nonfungible tokens. Their use on BCH has been limited compared to their use on other blockchains.


Replace-by-fee is a feature on the Bitcoin network that allows someone to get a transaction that is “stuck” without being processed, replacing that unconfirmed transaction with a different version of it with a higher transaction fee attached.

RBF can be used when transactions need to be processed as fast as possible, but its critics claim it may make it easier for malicious actors to spend the same funds twice. The network would confirm this second transaction first and drop the transaction paying the merchant for their goods or service.

What are the features that make Bitcoin Cash an effective medium of exchange?

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that can be used for transactions. Bitcoin Cash is faster than Bitcoin when it comes to transactions, making it more practical for quick transactions.

Bitcoin Cash is also used as a peer-to-peer system of sending money to others. Finally, for those interested in cryptocurrency investing, BCH can be one way to diversify and potentially add growth to a portfolio

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: Which Should You Buy?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are different cryptocurrencies with different purposes and features. Bitcoin is more popular than Bitcoin Cash, but both currencies have seen growth in recent years.

It depends on your financial goals which currency you should buy. Bitcoin Cash has some advantages over Bitcoin, including faster transaction times and increased capacity. If you’re looking to buy a digital currency, it’s important to understand the differences between these two cryptocurrencies before making a decision.


Beyond their names, Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have a lot in common. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever established and is frequently referred to as “digital gold” or “gold 2.0.” The cryptocurrency is seen as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency designed to function as digital cash, with its advocates aiming to keep it affordable and simple to use. BCH was developed as a result of a so-called hard fork of Bitcoin, which means the two currencies share a shared transaction history, codebase, and more.

A hard fork is a significant change to the open-source software that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin’s blockchain. It occurs when a persistent divergence from the most recent version of a blockchain is formed and some of the machines operating the network lose their ability to reach an agreement. This results in a split in the blockchain, with one side adhering to the old rules and the other adhering to the new set of rules.


Can You Convert Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin?

There are multiple ways to convert Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Some exchanges and wallets allow for direct conversions between BCH and BTC. For those interested in cryptocurrency investing, BCH can be one way to diversify a portfolio.

Is Bitcoin Cash a Good Investment?

Bitcoin Cash is cheaper than Bitcoin. It’s up to you whether BCH constitutes a good investment based on how you expect the cryptocurrency to perform in the future. Cryptocurrencies are new assets, and it’s uncertain whether they will see widespread adoption

Does Bitcoin Cash follow Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash has a lower transaction cost and transfers data quickly. Bitcoin Cash is more viable as a currency, in theory than Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin Cash Used For?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of the original Bitcoin currency. This means that it is a version of Bitcoin that is created by splitting off from the original Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a decentralized basis with no central authority, making it possible for the currency to be transferred without any middlemen.

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that can be used for transactions. It’s well-known, has the largest market cap of cryptocurrencies, and is also the most widely used and accepted. Bitcoin Cash could be used for everyday spending in a way that BTC, which is considered clunky by today’s standards, can’t.

Bitcoin Cash fills that role and can be used for daily purchases. For those interested in cryptocurrency investing, BCH can be one way to diversify, and potentially add growth to, a portfolio.

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